Flights of the Mind


Maximum Exposure 2019 | Gallery 310 

Flights of the Mind is a photographic installation series that examines the movement and pathway of an airplane by using long exposure and flight data information. The inspiration for this series is derived from a personal and life-long fascination with nature, the study of the cosmos and scientific elements of light. The idea of flight is an intriguing reality demanding to be captured on a larger scale.

The flight-tracking app is used to determine which flight is being photographed; it also shows the pathway of the airplane, the altitude, speed, and the model of the aircraft. The printed out screenshots show a map of where the photographs were taken, the black square shows where the airplane was in that exact moment, the circle shows the location of the camera, and at the bottom is the flight information, which includes, altitude, speed and distance in real time. The elements of string attached to this piece represent a sense of connection between all the photographs. The string attaches to the photograph and the flight information, which gives a sense of exploration through the piece itself. Following the string from the image to the flight data is a reflection of a flight pathway being constructed in a physical space. Ultimately, illustrating that every flight has a story.

In the area where I live, countless planes pass by everyday, every hour and I’ve always wondered where they’re going and where they’re coming from. This was my opportunity to document and create a piece of artwork from my personal fascination with flight and to capture the movement of what is constantly circling in the sky above us. This is a hub of transportation that we have become accustomed to and lost fascination for. I wanted to bring that fascination and wonder back, represented on a surface of photographs constructed through a web of flight. What may appear to look like a line in the sky is essentially a recorded pathway, which shows a beginning and an end to a journey. 

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