⟹ Metamorphosis


Metamorphosis illustrates the documentation of natural suburban environments left abandoned and awaiting modern transformation, while reflecting on a personal outlook of human life. These small areas of rural land are longing for intervention yet dreading their own destruction, stuck in a form of purgatory and frozen in time.

These outskirts on the border of Milton and Mississauga are due for massive development in the near future. I grew up near this land, I’ve only ever seen it in one way. At this point in my life, I am transitioning from place to place and home to home. I am moving from Mississauga to Stoney Creek, and leaving the comfort of my life-long home for the practicality of the real world. As I leave this city, so does my memory of where I once grew up and my attachment to the endless miles of barren land. By mapping these locations, a multi-layered perspective on human intervention in nature is revealed. These collages explore nature as a construction of the human mind in order to further the conversation towards the relationship between humans vs. nature in the forms of both destruction and evolution. The transformations of these specific locations reveal similar transformations on a larger scale while turning the past into the future.

This series discusses how landscapes act as common threads of memory that are weaved into the nature of humanity. Due to human action, nature is slowly becoming unrecognizable all around us. Eventually, it will only be left behind as fragments of memory. However, the memory of nature will always prevail in the grand scheme of humanity. That memory will never shatter, it will never break, it will change with time but will always find a way to blend into its environment and into our minds.

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