⟹ The Human Tear


Maximum Exposure | Published in Function Magazine

The Human Tear is a photographic series that showcases human identity through the visual aid of a tear seen on a microscopic level. These images represent the portrait of a tear under a microscope. Tear samples taken from individuals (including myself) shows the importance of human emotion and connection, while examining the biological structure of a human tear.

This series undertakes the subject of human emotion seen through something that all of us go through, which is crying. Showing emotion is what makes us human but everyone has a different way of dealing with it, even though our tears might look the same, they are all completely different and are produced for different reasons. I started noticing that every tear is structurally different, genuine tears are more open and forced tears are more tight and closed up.

My own tears led me to create this series. The photographs were originally supposed to be about human fingerprints and looking through them with a microscope, the photographs were not turning out as expected and I couldn’t think of any other ideas. I became frustrated and discouraged, and I started crying over the microscope, and then it was like a light bulb went on. I thought what is the only thing that shows human emotion, how we are all different but all the same in one way? The answer to that are tears, it’s what makes us human, who we are. Every tear has a different story just like how every person has a different story.

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